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The interview process is not an exacting science and it is true to say that the vast majority of people don't either interview regularly or have not attended an interview for many years. It is not surprising therefore that interviews can either be miss-managed by the interviewer, or be ill-prepared for by the interviewee. If you have been interviewed by a member of the Michael Lister Team you will understand the criteria involved and will have benefited considerably from your experience. Alternatively, you may be reading this in the hope of finding that illusive piece of advice, which will boost your interview technique and win the opportunity; rather than just 'doing-your-best', which is often, very far short of what is anticipated by the interviewer.

We have produced an intuitive guide to preparing for interviews, which is an invaluable document. If you wish to further your career, or have been disappointed that an opportunity, (either internally or externally), has been missed as a direct result of a poor interview; then you may find this to be the inspiration you now need - we will e-mail this Interview Technique Guide today - let us know where!