Michael Lister Ltd


Our strategy is to work closely with market leading companies within their respective sectors - Businesses who value the recruitment service we offer and who see people as one of the key assets of the company. Because the consultants in the Michael Lister Team have worked at the sharp-end, we understand your requirements, can gain empathy with the working ethos and strategic objectives of the business and can also lead more powerful interviews in the field to deliver those candidates who can make a difference and can demonstrate a likely contribution beyond their functional roles.

We have established lasting working relationships with many varied Clients and are very proud of to be associated with some exceptional Clients. Our name is not necessarily well known - this is by design as we have taken the market by stealth and with purpose, to secure the development of the Business. We are in a strong position to build on our reputation and expand our network of Clients and recruitment services, whilst still retaining our strategic objective to work for non-competing companies.

We are confident our services will go far beyond your expectations.